5 Places to Visit at Texas If You’re Crazy About Scenery

If you’re taking a look at areas to see in Texas for the views and scenery, then you are in luck. Texas boasts all from canyons to deserts to oceans to hills to forests. In short, Texas has everything. Together with the wildflowers blooming in the spring and the leaves turning into winter, there just is no wrong time to take a vacation. Luckily, there are more places that can be recorded which can be worth your time. But if you’d like to narrow it down, then you would certainly want to Provide the following five spots with a go:

1. Enchanted Rock

Located deep in the Hill Country, Enchanted Rock has become a top destination for vacationers and native Texans alike and for good reason. Having a Fredericksburg address, this state park is a favorite spot for rock climbers dallastexasfun.wordpress.com. Standing about 425 feet tall, this pink granite stone formation offers the perfect opportunity for stargazing and trekking. It’s an easy hike for most everyone and has a beautiful view at the top. Just beware: this state park has flourished in popularity over the last few years, and there is almost always a wait at the entrance, particularly during the summertime and Spring Break.

2. Palo Duro Canyon

Located near Amarillo from the Panhandle, there’s a reason that this second-largest canyon in the USA was among Georgia O’Keefe’s preferred options for painting. She even wrote one time that”[The canyon] is a burning, seething cauldron filled with dramatic color and light.” The beauty of the canyons also inspired a symphony. They function as the backdrop to the famous outdoor musical, “Texas” each summer, which attracts thousands of visitors from throughout the world. Definitely add this to a list of places to visit in Texas for those who haven’t already done so.

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3. Brenham

When you listen to”Brenham,” you most likely think ice cream. And it is true: Brenham functions as the headquarters to the world-famous Bluebell mill. And this enchanting town, located just in between Austin and Houston offers some actual Texas fun, in addition to some stunning scenery. The countryside is exploding with wildflowers, including the renowned Texas bluebonnet. In reality, Brenham is known as the heart of Bluebonnet country and is on the Bluebonnet Trail. This is also a popular spot for several brilliant wineries and is called a prime stop on the Texas wine course. Additionally, there are amazing golf courses, dairy farms, and the historical state park, Washington-on-the-Brazos, which is, after all, the birthplace of Texas.

4. Balcones Canyonland

A lot of people do not think of the Balcones if they think of places to visit in Texas. However, they ought to. This federal wildlife sanctuary is nestled high in the mountains of the Hill Country. With numerous bird sighting opportunities and miles of hiking trails, this is a silent, beautiful retreat from the bustling metropolitan areas.

5. Davy Crockett National Forest

If you’re traveling down Highway 69, you won’t be able to overlook the gorgeous and scenic Davy Crockett National Forest. Known for its beautiful pine trees, this place houses over 160,000 wooded acres including a couple of camp spots. Having a beautiful lake and the Neches River serving as a border, this forest provides visitors with the chance to hike and swim for days.

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