NYC Employment Law – The Wage Theft Protection Act

As a result of this new law, New York residents will appreciate greater security against minimum wage and overtime pay violations. The Act makes it compulsory for companies to cover the employees they victimized double the sum which was due and other penalties and legal expenses.

Minimum wage and overtime pay violations are a problem for several years. Why are politicians just now starting to take note and do something about it? It is because the New York State government is now short on capital and companies breaking up overtime pay and minimum wage legislation reduce tax revenue.

The current crackdown on those employment law violations is spurred in part by a recent analysis that demonstrates that NY employees lose $18.4 million in outstanding overtime pay and minimum salary each week fachanwalt arbeitsrecht adlershof. Added up, that usually means a reduction of about a billion dollars yearly. What is more, the typical low wage employee loses around 15 percent of the yearly income. Last, three-quarters of people who work overtime don’t get the required overtime pay premium and 69 percent of employees aren’t provided meal breaks.

Even though New York’s new Wage Theft Protection Act appears like the reply to each abused employee’s prayer, it’s useless if not combined with stringent enforcement. Improvements on existing laws need to be created out of the welfare of the employees in mind. The outstanding overtime has to be immediately removed in the offending employer and kept accountable for the sufferer until the situation is solved. Companies will need to be aware that the law implies business and that the punishment for employment law violations can severely harm them. What is worse, the sum due is generally negotiated to prefer the company. The Wage Theft Protection Act and other legislation protecting the lawful rights of employees are excellent assistance to employees and employment attorneys in the battle for justice.

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