The Way to Board Up Windows at a Brick House

The very first thing to learn on the way to board windows up onto a brick home is that you will need to begin with counting your windows and measure the openings. If that is because you’re leaving your house for a period and don’t want your windows broken, then you don’t need to be so overpowering.

Brick House

To quantify every opening from the interior to the interior on the outside trim and vertically beginning in the sill visit the base of the top trim thin brick suppliers. Insert eight inches to the height and width to guarantee that the panel will float framing.

The plywood has to be at 5/8 inches but rather increased the exterior grade. You may need to utilize more than 1 sheet for a massive opening. 1 thing I emphasize on the way to board windows up onto a brick home is that you want to wear gloves and goggles.

To ensure to receive the ideal sort of attachments for brick request assistance in the lumberyard, hardware store, or home improvement centre where you’re purchasing your supplies unless you’re acquainted with repairing thick plywood to brick. The plywood panels need to fit quite snugly since if a strong breeze gets under them they’ll be ripped away.

Secure the panels at every corner then put in the rest, space the screws six inches apart beginning in the middle for windows four toes or below and 3 inches for over four feet.

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