Transducer Dos And Don’ts

In case you have ultrasound transducers, you ought to be aware which you will need to utilize and take decent care of these for them to endure for quite a very long moment. To help you out, here are a Few of the dos and performs you need to observe to take Decent care of the components:

When managing the components, Keep in Mind They Are brittle; hence, handle them with extreme caution

When you’re finished, set the components from the research holder. To steer clear of the components falling, use wall-mounted holders. You should put them together with the lens facing upward.

Before you join any ultrasound system into the piezoelectric supplier, inspect them for any harm. If they’re damaged, you should not use them. Let a specialist know about it so he/she can resolve the damage. One of the most frequent issues you may notice with transducers contain broken probe pins, cable cuts, exposed cables, fluid flows, surface cracks and lots of more.

Before you set the components in their holders, then it is suggested that you wash them. This should not be you. Before you go on and wash then disconnect them from the system.

Unless you’re using a proven cleansing method, avoid cleaning the components together with your own method.

As previously mentioned, you have to deal with the components with care. As guideline do not fall or knock on the transducers or transducer lens onto the seat. You should notice that a slight crack on the probes could neglect; hence, be sure that the units do not confront any harm.

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Along with being careful when handling them, you additionally be attentive once you aren’t utilizing them. As guideline, never leave the transducers at a region where they’re in the chance of being dropped or knocked over.

In addition, don’t apply excessive pulling or bending power to the cable since it is going to lead to harm. Additionally you should not use excessive force to the cable if functioning.


All these are the dos and performn’ts of all transducers that you ought to know about. For those components to endure for quite a while, be careful of how you manage them during and after work.

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